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Keno Online

Keno is a draw game based on chance just like lotto and bingo. It is a classic game that consists of ticking a grid of numbers and yields large payouts depending on the stake. It is played in bingo halls and other gambling establishments. It can also be played online at virtual casinos.

Keno game starts by selecting a series of numbers from a set of 120 characters. Keno attracts millions of players around the world, but perhaps no one has ever asked the question: where did this interesting and popular game come from?

The History of Keno

It should be noted that online keno has appeared with the development of technology and the Internet, i.e. quite recently. But the prototype of such modern keno online games was created back in ancient times.

China was the birthplace of Keno. Its first traces were discovered by historians rather than in the oldest part of China. They date back to the Han dynasty more than 2000 years ago. The origin of the name Keno is not known exactly. It could be derived from Latin or French.

While some believe that the Chinese play Keno for fun and pleasure, others see it as a means of enforcing indirect taxation. Some people even imagined that it was just a way of raising money. At the same time as the game was discovered, the Chinese built the famous Chinese Wall. They needed a lot of money to build the wall and started to raise money through the game of Keno. Some of the money raised was given to the Chinese army to help them in their expedition.

With the development of the internet and online casino games, Keno has not been spared. Fans of this draw game can rush straight to their favourite online casinos for some fun, especially as the payouts are good. The only difference with online Keno is that it doesn’t have the same sense of excitement as the card version. But this does not stop players from enjoying themselves more on the virtual platform. In China, the game is almost part of the identity of Chinese culture, as the Chinese still play it to this day. From century to century, Keno has travelled to many countries, including Canada.

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How Does Keno Work?

A Keno ticket usually has numbers ranging from 1 to 80. A player can choose as many numbers as he or she wants, between 1 and 20. The following options are:

  • Ticking a few numbers increases the chances of winning, but the value of the winnings is less.
  • Selecting several numbers allows you to win considerable amounts of money. However, the chances of winning are very small. If a player selects nine numbers, he or she gets nothing if only one number comes up. If all nine numbers are drawn, the player receives a large payout.
  • A player is free to choose the amount of money he invests for each bet and the number of rounds he plays. He can play one game or several games using the same numbers. Online Keno is the other form of the game that the player can play. The principle is the same as in brick-and-mortar casinos. Note that there is a Keno draw every day, except Sundays and public holidays.

Keno Game Modes

A participant can choose to play Keno with a classic grid. This mode gives him the possibility to tick his favourite numbers. He can also play with the FLASH system and let the machine select the numbers automatically. For both game modes, a player can play up to 5 grids per round and choose the Single Multiplier or Minimum x3 Multiplier option to increase the chances of winning. Once the grid is completed, the player must choose which draws they wish to participate in (noon or evening) and the dates. They can choose up to 7 consecutive days.

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Keno Multiplier Options

A player can increase their chances of winning in Keno depending on the quantity of numbers they choose to mark and the bet they choose.

The bet can be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 dollars. They can also take part in the “Multiplier” option to increase their chances of winning. With Keno, a participant can multiply their winnings by up to 10. There are two types of multiplier:

  • the simple multiplier and
  • the minimum x3 multiplier.

With the first type of multiplier, the profits are multiplied by the multiple numbers drawn. The stake per grid is twice the initial stake. With the second multiplier, the winnings are multiplied by the multiplier drawn and if a number is drawn, the winnings are multiplied by x3.